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Written by Lisa on Feb 22nd, 2012 in Criminal Minds PC | 9 Comments

Hello, everyone!

We have decided to push back the release date of Criminal Minds by a couple of weeks to ensure that the quality of the game matches the high standards that we have set for ourselves. Criminal Minds is a hugely important property, and we want to make sure that our customers who purchase the game will get not only a great story following the BAU, but a great game experience that can stand on its own.

So while we do regret to inform everyone that the wait will be just a bit longer, we are confident that the wait will be worth it. So please look forward to when we announce an official release date!

As a bonus, here is the new main menu screen, now with 100% more JJ!

Dianne says:

makes you wonder, if it’s already out in the down under, why not here?

Connie Bond says:

This game will be soooo worth the wait :) I can’t wait to get it. will it come out for XBOX 360 and Wii? I so hope it will

AS says:

The Game seems pretty interesting.
What you guys think about the participation of “Jason Gideon” in some few episodes?
His performance was sublime always.

Chrissa says:

LOL! How is April “a couple of weeks” from February 22? This game better be AMAZING! Because, honestly, I’m having doubts.

Jayne says:

I would love this title to come out on PS3, I love to complete 100% trophies.

If they aren’t happy with the quality with their game to release it, why moan?

Would you prefer them to release it to the public, while it still may have bugs, issues in it? Then moan at them because you can’t complete it, due to issues that stopping you from progressing further.

christiane says:

you are right , first, jan, feb, mar, now in april what next.RIDICULAS RIGHT

cmfan says:

Considering that originally you said the game was scheduled to be out in December 2010 ( then I suppose you’ll only be 16 months behind schedule IF you finally release in April. Honestly, I understand that these games take time to develop but maybe next time you’d be better off giving a more realistic timeframe rather than keep promising it’ll be ready in a couple of months for well over a year…

Michele Williams says:

I can’t believe we have to wait even longer. So when it does (if it does) I hope it is good. What stores will we be able to get it at & at what cost?


Matt Chapman says:

I am concern about the game be in april. This is geting ridiculas to make people wait for the game . You say two weeks but it looks like two months.