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Written by Valerie on Dec 21st, 2011 in Criminal Minds PC | 18 Comments

Hey Everyone!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! I have a gift for you! It’s the official Criminal Minds video game trailer!!! Check it out here:

Hope you enjoyed it and that you are jolly in this season meant to be such!!

Yours truly,

JK says:

Looks great :)
Does anyone know the title of the music playing in tha trailer?

Valerie says:

It’s called No Place To Be. It’s from

MissMarrrrli says:

When is the game out? December 2012 or sooner?? :)

Valerie says:

It should come out this month at :) I’ll let you know when I have a specific date

MissMarrrrli says:

Thanks! I can’t wait to try it! :D

Carly says:

hey, just wondering…what system will this be for????? like computer, xbox…?

Valerie says:


Catia Rezende says:

JJ is not in the game, why?

Valerie says:

Sadly, when the game was first being developed she had not come back yet. Then the game was already so far along when she did she couldn’t be added :(

Catia Rezende says:

Oh, thank´s. JJ back.

Saphira says:

It looks great, but there’s something weird about “Hotch”‘s face. Something about the expression + shadows make it look messed up.

emme says:

I love HOG games but I can’t find the place of how much will it cost?

Valerie says:

About $7.00!

Glenda Grindle says:

This is so awesome can’t wait to play. Big fan of the show.

Brandon says:

I can already tell that this is obviously going to suck. That may sound mean but you would figure people would learn from the past. Tons and tons of people have made a game similar to this and they always get horrible ratings.

Eli says:

Where’s Garcia!?

Valerie says:

She’s in the game! :)

Louis says:

It looks kinda cool, but as a MASSIVE Criminal Minds fan, but also an avid gamer, if they ported the Tv series into the same framework as ‘Heavy Rain’, you’d have a winner on your hands my friend!