Written by Valerie on Jan 12th, 2012 in Criminal Minds PC | 12 Comments

I’ve got some initials, two words, and a bajillion exclamation points for you:

JJ Is In!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Due to public outcry and some serious shuffling on our part–Jennifer Jareau is in the game! Check her out!:

JJ is down to business solving murders with the rest of the BAU in the Criminal Minds game. For those of you who don’t know her, here’s a little information about JJ:

She’s been in and out of the BAU working different jobs, but she is an integral part of the team. She has a bouncing baby boy named Henry with William LaMontagne, Jr., whom she secretly dated for some time. She has a tragic past, having lost her sister to suicide. JJ is extremely intelligent and competent and was once promoted to work at the Pentagon.

Thank you guys! You helped us get her in at the last second- way to save the game! We love you guys and appreciate everything you tell us! :)

Yours Truly,

Nicole says:

It´s now the 15 feb, whwn will the release date for the game be in Europe ?

Matt Chapman says:

I also want to know the date the game is coming out in feburary. I have been waiting to play the game. I want you all to try harder to get the game out little faster.

Valerie says:

Hi Matt! We have a partnership with another company on this game which means we are not in control of how fast it comes out. I definitely want it to be out already, believe me, but I have no say sadly. It should be the end of the month. I’ll let you know if anything changes!

rossie says:

love this TV show the only few episodes a didn’t watch watch were those that she not on

leslie says:

Ohhhh I am so excited. My kids were recently making fun of my ability to name and summarize each c m Episode…. they said that there should be a criminal minds game. Hah, here it is. Cant wait.

Catia Rezende says:

Thank you…JJ back… Now yes, the team is complete.

Sarah says:

Wouldn’t be complete without JJ, she’s a fav :)

thee says:

Now that the whole team is here……let’s play

Chrissa says:

Great! I was hoping she would be put in the game! Any release date yet? I know February was mentioned, but an actual date ready?

Valerie says:

Hi Chrissa! Sorry about taking a while to get back to you. We have been working really hard trying to finish up the game! We don’t have the exact day in February yet but I will let you know as soon as we do!

DW says:

You’re missing a couple more exclamation points.


E.J. JAHNES says:

Thanks for letting us know-I didn’t see her pictured before- Fantastic !!!!